Epsilaw is an online, legal, knowledge-management tool,  which gives instant practical insight on any given legal matter, making its users exceptionally faster and effective in undertaking any such matter for their clients or business.

It basically codifies the knowledge, skills and experiences of expert practitioners and it makes it available to its users through features such as legal templates, elaborate and comprehensive practice memos, articles, legal updates, legal documents and educational online CPD seminars. Materials and features are added and updated continuously.

It can possibly serve anyone undertaking a legal matter, however it is primarily intended to serve legal practitioners, in-house counsel, corporate administrators and other professionals who systematically deal with legal issues.

Epsilaw is, on all counts, what is referred to as “legal technology” whose objective is to become a necessary and invaluable tool to the professionals it serves by, inter alia,  upgrading or digitizing their processes, in terms of know-how,  and by generally adding value multiple times in comparison to its cost.