Who we are

epsilaw is an electronic legal knowledge management tool whose ultimate objective is to make life easier for its users.

Who we serve

It is intended to serve legal practitioners, in-house counsel, corporate administrators and other professionals who may systematically deal with legal issues, such as accountants, bankers, financial services providers and others.

What we are

It can be described as a tool which gives instant practical insight on any given legal matter, harnessed from the knowledge, skills and experiences of expert practitioners, making its users exceptionally faster and effective in undertaking any such matter for their clients or business. It’s basically your own readily available legal mentor.

What problem we solve

Any practitioner will know that in addressing any legal issue, especially in the primary attempt or infrequently, there is quite an amount of research and other preparatory work to be made, such as identifying the legal issues at hand, but also the right processes, time frame, costs, relevant documents and a range of other practical issues. For one this is time consuming, taking away time and energy from the actual application of facts and circumstances of the particular issue. The statutes, books and case law may sufficiently clarify the legal issue but practical application is a wholly different matter. A great amount of insecurity is involved when any of the above attributes are not known, especially because if you get it wrong, you will be accountable to your boss or worst, your clients. Information and guidance on all the above can be sought by a more experienced or a specialist practitioner but intra-company they may be busy or unavailable and out-of- company they may be costly or inaccessible.

How it works

epsilaw gathers the skills, experiences and knowledge of expert practitioners on any given matter and codifies these in a practicable and accessible manner, making it available for epsilaw’s users at any time. This is done through features, such as elaborate and comprehensive practice memos, predominantly on the most popular legal issues, and template documents relevant to those practice memos. Users are left with application of the circumstances and implementation.

What we aim to become

With the continuous addition of new subjects and templates, improvement and development of existing ones and the addition of new features and services, epsilaw aims to finally become a fully comprehensive legal know how tool invaluable and essential to its users.