Welcome to Epsilaw Academy!

Continuous professional development (CPD) is not only optimal for professionals to maintain their competitive advantage but it also now a mandatory requirement by the regulators of the legal, accounting and financial services professions in Cyprus and a pre-condition to the renewal of professional licences.

Epsilaw Academy offers online seminars for professionals, via its customised interactive online seminar platform, offering an experience practically identical to the conventional seminars but which is made at the comfort of your home or office, though your computer, tablet or phone, at a fraction of the cost of conventional seminars.

Simply chose a seminar of your interest from a wealth of seminars available on a variety of legal issues, book your place, attend online using a simple and guided process and receive your certificate towards fulfilment of you CPD requirements.

Our seminars are now suitable for fulfilment of unaccredited CPD points but we are presently in the process of securing accreditation.

Our choice of seminars currently available is as follows: