Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about epsilaw.  If you can’t find what you are looking for feel free to contact us


Account and Billing:


Can I cancel my subscription? How?


You can cancel your subscription anytime! Just login to your account and select the option to cancel.  Subscription fees are prepaid and there are no refunds upon cancellation, including for enterprise plans which are annual.


Can I change my billing details?


Of course. Just login to your account and edit the payment method by changing the billing details.



I already have an account, but my subscription was cancelled or it’s a free account with limited access. How do I reactivate or upgrade it?


Just login to your account, select to upgrade and insert a payment method. If your payment method has changed or your card was expired, please edit payment method.  You should be able to access the material momentarily after than once payment is affected. If not contact us.




I can’t find the topic I am looking for. Is it unavailable?


Probably. Topics on legal related matters are infinite so you can appreciate that not everything is covered.  We already have a respectable library with the most popular legal issues and content is continuously added periodically. Feel free to suggest a topic to our editorial team.


Is the content updated?


We do our best to keep content updated, either ad hoc, at the initiative of the author, or periodically when our editorial team prepares our monthly legal updates.


Who writes these materials?


These materials are authored by selected reputable licenced practitioners with experience and knowledge on such matter. The identity, profile and contact details of each author are clearly designated next to each document.


Do you provide legal advice? Are you lawyers?


We are not lawyers and do not and cannot provide legal advice. We merely publish material related to law.  For legal advice on any topic on our site contact the author or your existing legal advisors.


Do you provide clarifications or answer follow up question on a document?


If you need clarification or have a follow up question on a document in our site, please contact the author directly or, if you prefer, contact us and we will ask on your behalf.